Game Development

Don't Stop Staring

This is a course project for Visual Story.

In the assignment, the students were encouraged to try a different way of storytelling other than traditional video shooting. My team chose to make this VR horror experience that aimed at creating an immersive horror experience. We gained a lot of experience from developing VR experience from another course Building Virtual World, especially its storytelling round. 

In this assignment, we made an experience of the guest sitting in a couch watching a documentary video about a supernatural creature. While the documentary video was introducing some signals of the supernatural creature’s existence, the guest would observe the same signals happening in the virtual environment. When the guest learned that the only way to stay away from the creature was to keep staring at him, the creature would actually appeared at the door. Then, we tried to apply different indirect controls to distract the guest from staring at the creature, and the creature would gradually approach the guest every time the guest got distracted. 

It was another refreshing experience for me to explore applying visual principles in VR. In order to create jump scares in VR, strong indirect controls needed to be applied to lead the sight of the guest. 

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